Sat. May 25th, 2019

Whatsapp officially gives a personal reply Feature – How you can use it here

The new feature basically allows the group’s participants to send messages privately to the group without informing others about it.

Last year there were reports that Whatsapp was working on a private answer facility. This feature also appeared on the beta version of Whatsapp for the Windows Phone user, but only for a short time.

After almost a year, the feature is finally being rolled out for Android users. Note, only beta users will get the convenience The feature is currently in beta version while the stable version can soon follow. This feature is seen in the latest Whatsapp version 2.18.335 beta update.

The new feature basically allows participants of the group to send messages privately to the group without informing others about it. Whatsapp is a fan site of Whatsapp, indicates that beta version 2.18.335 is bad and when you try to delete the media in a chat, the app crashes. So you should think twice before downloading this update as it can harm your app too.

Whatsapp already has a feature which allows you to give different answers to the members in the group. The new personal reply feature is similar to a personal answer to a certain extent, then puts you in a group chat while the former directs you to a personal chat. You can send messages to the group participants privately using the facility and other people in the group will not know about this.

Using the feature is very easy. Just go to any group chat, long press on the name of the member you want to reply privately, tap on the three points seen at the top right corner of the window, respond privately and type your message Do it. Your message will fall into that contact’s personal chat window. This feature is helpful in ways such as it protects you from the hassle of scrolling continuously and seek contact and keep a record of your chat.

Whatsapp added recently swipe in answer feature for Android users. iPhone users already have the facility. The functionality facilitates answering chats by swiping the chat correctly and answering it. First, you had to press long over a message and tap the reply button at the top of the screen to respond to a particular message.

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