Sat. May 25th, 2019

From the design of smartphones launched in 2019, there will be big changes in the features

Most of the smartphones launched this year have seen different changes compared to smartphones launched last year (2017). Most of the mid and premium range smartphones have a dual rear camera, noch display design, bezel lace or slim bezel. Plus, the quality of the phone’s camera is even better.

Next year, from Xiaomi to OnePlus, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, etc. companies are preparing to launch smartphones with a new design. There may be many changes in these companies’ smartphones with mid-budget and premium range. Let’s know about the changes in designs from the design of most of the smartphones launched in 2019 to FEATURES.

As you know, last year smartphones with many Nokia features and thin bezel have been launched. It clearly shows that the next year the smartphone will become even less thin or say smartphones with an edge-to-edge display can be launched. Apart from this, changes can also be seen in the Dutch. Edge-to-edge displays have been given in Smartphones such as Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex, launched this year. Likewise, the next-generation smartphones can also have an edge-to-edge display. According to media reports, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer xiaomi is also preparing to launch its smartphone with its first-ever Edge-to-Age display next year.

Smartphones launched this year have been launched with many more color options besides Black and Gray. Next year, smartphone makers can market their phones with more color options. Reali, Shaomi, and Honor have launched their smartphones this year apart with Standard Black and White, along with Vibrant Color Options. Simultaneously, some smartphones have been launched with the Diamond Cut Back panel.

With eSIM technology, Apple has launched its Smartwatch first and later eSIM has been featured in the latest iPhone launched last month. In addition to Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. can also launch their smartphones in the market with the eSIM feature. With the addition of the eSIM feature, SIM tray can be removed from smartphones. The effect will be on the design of the smartphone. The change in phone design can also be seen.

There may be another change in smartphones launched next year. Dual front camera with dual rear can also be seen. This year, Honor has given a dual front camera in its Nova 3 smartphone. In addition, Samsung’s A7 smartphone has also got a triple rear camera. Smartphones coming with more cameras will be able to get a better picture.

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