Sat. May 25th, 2019

Forwarding the message to more than two people, WhatsApp will ask these questions

WhatsApp is constantly offering new features for its users. Recently, the company has rolled out Stickers for Android and iOS users. Now the report is coming out that the Messaging app is testing the new feature ‘Forward Preview’. According to WaBetaInfo, beta testing of this new feature is in progress.

Through the ‘Forward Preview’ feature, users will be able to see their preview forward before sending a message. This means that users have to follow another step to send text, photos, GIF, video or any other content. By doing so, users will be able to think about things like sending forward a message or not adding them to the list or adding people to the list.

Chatting on WhatsApp will be doubly fun, upcoming 5 awesome features:

How will this ‘Forward Preview’ feature work?

According to WABetaInfo, this feature has been seen in the Android Beta version 2.18.325. Tipster said that Whatsapp is testing a forward preview feature, which will give you a pop-up before forwarding a message.

This allows users to choose a confirmation or canceling option. This preview will appear when you send a message or media file to two or more contacts.

Use WHATSAPP’s ‘SWIPE TO REPLY’ feature to do this:

More upcoming features:

Apart from this, the company is testing many more features in the beta version, including Private Reply, Vacation Mode, Linked Social Media Accounts, Inline Image, and Silent Mode. Users will be able to reply directly to chat group via a private reply feature. It can reply to a user in Group Chat without any other user’s information group.

The purpose of the Vacation Mode feature is that if you want to be away from Whatsapp for a while, you can mute convergence and when you run the Whatsapp app back then you will get back to your archive despite receiving a new message in that chat. Come on.

Like WhatsApp, now you can also delete Facebook Messenger on the sent message.

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