Sat. May 25th, 2019

‘Apple iPad’, which is going to launch Now, can see live streaming

Now Apple is going to launch its second year of next year. The company has made its complete preparation. During the launch, it is fully anticipated that Apple can make several announcements about this new hardware. As it has already been disclosed that the company will have this 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID. There will be very little bezel on the side of the display in this Apple iPad. Along with the new version of Apple Pencil, it will not have any home button. According to sources, Apple can also launch new versions of iPad Mini, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac and MacBooks devices.

Apple may also disclose any new product as AirPods 2 or AirPod headphones. With this, Apple’s launch event will start at 7 in the evening. The company has also taken full care of its consumers who can not reach live events. For such users, the company will provide live streaming of the launch event on its website which can be easily viewed through the internet.

Apple’s launch event can see live.
If you also want to see Apple’s launch event, then the company’s website can become part of it by going to ‘’. One important thing to note about users is that they need to use ‘Safari browser’ on their Apple device to watch the event live. Mac devices, iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch devices with iOS 9.0 can also be used with MacOS 10.11 with similar Apple devices.

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