Sat. May 25th, 2019

Advertising on WhatsApp will be the primary way of the company’s earnings.

Instant messaging users may soon be able to see ads on WhatsApp. This information is given by Chris Daniel, Vice President of WhatsApp Mobile Messaging Service. He said that the company is going to place advertisements in the status section. This will earn the company. This will be the primary means of earning. Not only this, but it can also reach people for businesses. However, Daniel has not yet told how long the company will be rolled out to it.

According to media reports, advertisements will be shown to WhatsApp users in the status section. It is believed that according to the interest of users on Facebook, they will be shown in the same way as the advertisements are shown in WhatsApp. In the status section, users share texts, photos, and videos which are deleted after 24 hours. This means whenever users see anybody’s status in WhatsApp, they will also see the ads.

Previously, WhatsApp added some new features on the iOS platform. All these features also support iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Let us know that under the new features, Whatsapp has made significant changes, including the new interface for playback audio messages, Babbal menus.

1. The first feature is related to the audio message. Under this feature, if the iOS user sends persistent audio messages to any other iOS users on WhatsApp, then the user will be able to listen to those audio messages without having to tap on the next message. Earlier, the user had to listen to it by tapping on each message.

2. Talk about the second feature, this is the Bubble Action menu. A new feature has also been edited in this menu. Under this new feature, the Bubbles menu pop up will appear slightly larger than before. Options like delete, reply, forward, star, a copy will be given in it. This menu has been re-designed.



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